Five Tips to Help You Buy a Horse Float

When your vet cannot come to you, you need to be able to transport a horse to the vet for treatment. In addition, if you are purchasing a new addition to your ranch, you will need an effective way to move him or her. These five tips will help you purchase a horse float designed to safely move a horse when necessary.

Size for Comfort

When purchasing a horse float, you will want to select one large enough to allow a horse to stand comfortably and to stretch out as needed. To make sure you get the right size, you need to know your horse’s measurements, both height and length, since not all horses are the same size. Incorrectly estimating your horse’s size could lead to buying a float that he or she is not comfortable standing in while being transported.

Select a Bright Model

Horses are used to being out in the open during the daytime, so they may not like being confined in a small dark space even for a short trip. To make them more comfortable, choose a model with plenty of windows and that is light in colour to make it as bright as possible. The windows will also provide air circulation so that your horse doesn’t get too hot and to help eliminate odours after he or she has defecated or passed gas.

Assess its Safety

When looking at horse floats for sale in WA, make sure they contain the necessary equipment to keep your horse, or horses, safe. If you are transporting more than one horse, there should be a divider so they can each have their own space. In addition, look for breast bars, posts, and butt chains to help secure them inside during trips to make sure they do not get bounced around if you run across potholes in the road or have to make abrupt stops.


Examine the Hitch

When buying a horse float, you will want to make sure the hitch can be secured to your vehicle. Look for frame-mounted hitches as they provide the best connection between a float and the towing vehicle. When the float is attached to your truck or SUV it needs to be level to safely move your horse, so if it isn’t then you may need to consider replacing the hitch on your vehicle or purchasing another truck.

Determine Towing Capacity

It is important that your vehicle is capable of towing a float when it is loaded. Most trucks or SUVs can tow an empty trailer, but a grown horse can add over a thousand kilograms to the weight of the float. If you are unsure if your truck can handle the weight, look in the owner’s manual for its towing capacity and consider purchasing a vehicle to specifically transport your horses.

These tips can help you choose a horse float that will safely transport your four-legged friend. Remember to look at floats with several windows and roof ventilation to expel toxic chemicals found in faeces and urine to keep your horse healthy while being moved.