Professional Obedience and Specialised Dog Training Courses

Dog is man’s best friend. This is a true statement. Dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. They also have many jobs. Some are just companion animals, while others are guardians, police dogs, athletes, hunters, herders, and much more. There are breeds to fit every personality and lifestyle. The kind of dog you choose depends heavily on personal preference and activities you intend on doing with your canine partner. Regardless of job, the happiest dogs are those which are properly trained.

Canine Training

Dog training in Sydney are courses which are tailored to suit client’s needs. There are several types of training courses offered. These include obedience, personal protection, and attack and man stopper training. Obedience training is useful for every dog, even dogs who just serve as companions to their owners.

There are many reasons owners decide to enrol their pooch in obedience training. Bad habits that need to be corrected include chasing vehicles, jumping, digging holes, food aggression, anxiety etc. A dog that acts out is an unhappy dog and is need of structure and the feeling of safety. The program accepts dog as young as 16 weeks old and does not have a maximum age limit. Even old dogs can learn new tricks.

Your dog will stay with the trainers for a two-week period. The course is custom tailored to fit your individual dog’s needs. Here is a list of common actions that owners want their dog to learn: sit, lay down, stay, heel, come, baiting and off leash work.

At the end of your dog’s training course, you and your dog will have a training session, so the trainer can go through with you everything your dog is learned.  Obedience must be mastered before any form of more specialised training ensues.

Dogs trained for attack and protection must have the right temperament. Not every breed of dog is suited for this training. The temperament test will you know if your dog is a candidate for this type of training. Family training is the most common form of protection training sought after. A dog which is trained to attack must do so off of command only. Attack dogs must be handled with care and owners trained on the correct handling methods.

Man stopper training is training a dog to both attack and stop someone who could potentially cause harm, such as an intruder. These types of trained dogs for professionals and are not suitable family dogs. Shepherds, Dobermans, and rottweilers are the most suitable breeds for this type of training.

Why Choose the Professionals?

The professionals understand dog behaviour and how to get the most out of your dog. They are also happy to work with you as the owner in how you can get the most enjoyment out of your canine friend. When it comes to your dog training needs trust the professionals to help you with obedience training as well as specialised forms of training as well.