Apple Picking At Verger Champêtre In Québec: The Ultimate Farmhouse Experience!

If you are in Québec on a short break, it’s highly recommended that you make time for an orchard experience. Traditional farmhouses and orchards in Québec have been welcoming guests for a while now. Many of these orchards are known for fruit-picking experiences, and Verger Champêtre is easily the best one for apple picking in season. While you can find considerable information at, here’s our take on a visit to this orchard.

The orchard

The orchard at Verger Champêtre is as diverse as you may imagine. They have a huge variety of apple, cherry, plum and pear trees, and in the season, which is usually between June and October, guests get the chance to take part in the experience, much like their extended team. It’s not another U-Pick experience, simply because Verger Champêtre allows guests to become a part of the farm life. They, in fact, have cottage for stays, and since the experience cannot be enjoyed in a day, staying for two nights is a norm. The trials are huge and the area spreads over 250 acres of land.


The petting zoos

Verger Champêtre is home to more than 250 animals, and the list includes birds like peacocks with other animals, such as alpacas, miniature horses, goats and more. They also have this activity of taking animals for a stroll, which is particularly engaging for kids. Their petting zoos consist of animals who are raised at the farm and trained to be friendly with guests. If your kids have never seen the countryside, this is the best way to explore the beauty of Québec, which extends beyond the traditional points of interest.

Booking your stay

Verger Champêtre has cottage options for those who want to stay at the farmhouse. Their cafe serves amazing food, which is homemade with freshest ingredients. Pies, pizzas, lasagne and desserts are on the menu at all times, and yes, you can also enjoy the fruits you pick. They accept bookings in the season and are usually closed for winters. We recommend that you spend at least two to three days, and if with the family, a whole week is not bad either. They have enough to keep you going through the stay. Since they have limited rooms for stays, we recommend booking in advance.

Check online now to find more on other charges and activities at Verger Champêtre. All information is available on their website.