Defining the tasks for your dog

If you have a large dog, then it is highly entertaining to make him learn rollover. It is a great sight when your pet rolls over in your living room. Additionally, the trik How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over is easy and quick with just a few simple steps. You can give the command to roll over with a couple of words and your pet will lie on the floor. The command comprises of two steps. The first step is to make the dog lie down and the second step is making it roll. This command is not very difficult. When you can train your pet to wait or sit then this trick is obviously within your abilities. The day you start the training, you can place a rolling pin on the floor. Some pets pick it up very quickly. You have to make your pet practice the trick for a week so that the command sticks. All dogs regardless of their age have the capability to get the grip using this trick, including older dogs and puppies.

Getting started

Before you begin the training process, you have to make sure several things. One thing that you definitely require is the treats or the food. If you need effective and quick results, then you should try out the tasty smelling food that can act as an incentive. Alternatively, you may use a toy as treat like a tennis ball. You will require a quiet room that has plenty of space and the room should be free from all distractions. Space is important because otherwise a large dog can roll over a table and the contents can crash on the floor.

The Toy Treat method

The trick on How to teach a dog to Roll Over can be used with a toy. First, get to the level of your dog and say him to lie down. Once he lies down, hold a toy closer to his face. Give the command to roll over and rotate the toy slowly over the head so that he follows it. The moment he completes the roll, praise him and give that toy to him so that your pet knows that you are very pleased with him. Offer him a helping hand so that your pet knows that you are offering him support and use the other hand to make him roll over. This will help him know what you are asking him to do. Keep practicing it because practice is important even after he has completed the rollover successfully.