Everything There Is To Know About Dog Nutrition

The ideal situation would be that all dog foods were equal. You could feed your dog any food you want to and be done with it. But the reality is that it is pretty overwhelming to choose the right dog food. There are so many varieties to choose from that finding one to particularly suit your pet can be hard.

You need a choice that is healthy, nutritionally rich, tasty and affordable.  Here are some simple tips to help you narrow down your choices.

A good dog food

Choosing processed dog food for a pet may not be something many pet-owners find very appealing considering that most people don’t eat processed food for all their meals. However, the truth is that a good quality processed packaged dog food can be nutritionally rich and provide your dog with adequate nutrition in every way, something that home-cooked food will not. When you choose a quality processed food, you will be happy to know that you are choosing a product that has been highly regulated by government authorities and hence are very safe.

The truth is that dogs are not strict carnivores at all. So though they eat meat, fish and eggs, some of their nutrition can come from grains, vegetables and fruits. Understanding that these vegetarian components don’t just act as fillers as important. They actually provide vital nutrients to your pet and are essential for its good heath and growth. The best dog food you can choose contain a compound of all these in a nutrition-rich package.

Meeting nutritional requirements

It is extremely important as a pet-owner to provide a dog food that adequately meets the nutritionally requirements of your pet. Understand that not every dog’s nutritional requirements are the same and also that all dog foods are not created equal.

Dogs will require a variety of nutrition at different stages of their lives. If you have just got yourself puppy, its nutritional needs will be different from that of an adult dog. It is easy to be confused about the nutritional requirements of your pet, and talking to a veterinarian is a good way of clearing away any doubts.

Choose what to believe

There is no shortage of misinformation on the internet about dog nutrition and that is why a good idea is always to be sceptical. You can choose what to believe in and if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While a grain-free dog food may be the right choice of your pet is allergic to grains, it is not absolutely needed in case of other dogs. You can choose a pet food that has a certain amount of grains and it can actually provide a variety of required minerals to your pet.

Stay away from preservatives

It is easy to choose a dog food that has preservatives considering most of them have them. But you should do your pet a favour and choose one that does not just contain preservatives, but also does not contain any additives or artificial flavourings. Don’t you do the same when you are choosing food for yourself or your family? Choosing a wholesome brand that uses only the best quality ingredients is the best thing you can do.

Reading food labels

This is not something too many pet-owners do but is nonetheless a very good idea. Reading food labels is the smart thing to do no matter what you buy. With so many grocery store dog food brands available, starting to read food labels before buying one is a good thing. The ingredient list will not tell you what quality of ingredients is used, but it will tell you what constitutes the particular dog food. For example, if you are choosing a meat product, it should be at least 60% of the total weight. This will ensure that your dog is getting enough meat and you are actually paying for the right thing. Other than meat, you can choose fish and egg dog foods too. A good amount of fruits, vegetables and natural flavourings are also wonderful.

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