Popular Reptiles People Keep as Pets

Over the past decade, exotic pets have become very popular, particularly reptiles, which come in many forms. There are many benefits to having a reptile as a pet, and if you are thinking of joining the many UK people who keep reptiles, here are a few choices to consider.

  • Royal Pythons – They are popular because the Royal Python is not a very active snake and is easy to handle and manage, with a placid nature. If you contact the reptile pet store in Bristol, they would have a selection of snakes, including the Royal Python, plus they can give you all the care information you need.
  • Chameleon – This colour-changing reptile is very popular among UK people, although this creature does require a very controlled environment, with adequate ventilation. The Chameleon tends to fight with others, so you are best keeping a single animal, and whether you use glass or mesh for the enclosure, it must be kept at the right temperature.
  • Geckos – There are many species of Gecko; the Leopard Gecko is one of the easiest to look after, and you can have more than one in the same enclosure, although a few males will fight to establish the territory. If you would like to see some great examples of Geckos, search online for a nearby reptile pet shop and they would have a wide range of reptiles from all over the world.

The above are just a few examples of popular reptiles, and if you do some online research before making your mind up, you will have a good idea of the care involved.